A PowerPoint Tutorial.

Will Audiences Clap Bad Presentations?

Visual media such as images and video can become much more than "visual aids". They can communicate your points, summarise your ideas, and influence your audience's moods and emotions.

However, one disadvantage of using media is that it can be too distracting, and actually impede the presenter - audience connection. An audience that is absorbed by on screen the visual display may move towards being a passive recipient, instead of really engaging with teh presenter.

In order to enhance person to person communication, and make your presentations more engaging, here are three tips:

  1. Blank the screen. A quick way to blank the screen is to press the "b". You can do this at any point in your presentation, and pressing Enter or left clicking anywhere will bring back display and you will resume your presentation on the last slide shown. Blanking the screen is a great way to draw attention to what you are saying. The absence of powerful graphics helps your audience to focus on you and what you are saying.
  2. Write on the screen. A quick way to do this is by pressing ctrl+p to activate the PowerPoint pen. You can then use the mouse to write on the current PowerPoint slide. For more controls, right click on a slide as you are running your presentation and use the annotating options. You can engage your audience more by asking them questions and then writing their responses on the slide.
  3. Use hand made graphics. En vogue at the moment are the sketchy, amateur looking graphics that look like a child has drawn them. In these days of blockbuster movie style 3D graphics that overwhelm our sense, a hand drawn sketch can look more human and down to earth.