A PowerPoint Tutorial.

The Value Of Notes Pages

Often you will need to send your PowerPoint presentations to colleagues, or members of your audience. If you only send them the slides of your presentation, you may be sending them only half of your intended message.

The slides in your presentation deliver the bullet points - the headlines - to your viewers, whereas your note pages provide the full story. Your audience may find it hard to understand your presentation if you only the slides, without your verbal explanation to accompany them. Likewise, if you send only your slides, without your notes pages to accompany them, your recipients will have a similarly hard time.

Your notes pages act as cues for you when you deliver your presentation. They are not visible to the audience, so you can write copiously - and in full sentences. Unlike the slides you prepare, notes pages are not limited by the same space constraints. When send slides plus notes, your notes behave like your verbal presentation, in exploring and explaining your subject matter.

Slides plus notes fulfll both objectives of being interesting slides and informative printed handouts.

Fortunately for us, when you send a PowerPoint presentation, the notes pages are included by default. That means everyone will receive your presentations in all their note page glory. Given that notes pages are automatically sent with your slides, maybe the purpose of this post, then, is to encourage presenters to start using notes pages. Once neglected, the power of notes pages is finally being appreciated.