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You Want Free PowerPoint Backgrounds

Yes, we know why you're here. You want an ever expanding collection of free PowerPoint backgrounds and templates that you can keep coming back to to download. Well, that's good, because that's just what we've got. We are constantly adding to our large smorgasbord of stylish PowerPoint designs. And they are all fre to download.

In the early days we went crazy and published two or three new batches of designs every week. We've since calmed down (a little) and we are knocking them out at a conservative rate of one a week. We tend focus on a theme (for example kids' building blocks) and then create around 10 or 12 PowerPOoint backgrounds using that theme.

Because we know that not every PowerPoint user is of guru status, we always insert our PowerPoint backgrounds into a ready made template for you. That means you don't have to. All you have to do is download the template and amend it to fit your own requirements. You can then use it in your own awe inspiring presentations.

Every now and then we publish zipped up collections of whole sets of images for you to download in one go. We're all heart.

Extra Curricular Help

We are constantly searching for new material to impress you with - and not only on our site. We are more than willing to point you in the direction of external resources, if they meet our very high standards of quality. Hence, here are a few "must see" sites that will help you with your PowerPoint endeavours. If you want more PowerPoint backgrounds, you really should check that site out! Or, if you are a beginning PowerPoint user, you could do much worse than follow these PowerPoint tutorials. OK, that doesn't really sell the tutorials, but they are really good.

If you want some free images, SXC is pretty good. Their collection of images is pretty big, and most of their images are of a good resolution. If you do download an image from somewhere (SXC or another stock photo site), you might want to tweak the image before inserting it into PowerPoint, and to do that you will need an image editor. One of the best free editors out there is... the gimp. Just ignore the name, download it and start using it. It's free! If you want to splash some cash, there are paid alternatives like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks. If you are a hobbyist, we recommend you stick with the free one.

PowerPoint templates can be a real time saver as someone else has put in all the hard work ("design" can be so tiresome!) for you to take advantage of. There are plenty of free PowerPoint templates out there that you can download and amend - for free. You can be up and running in minutes with a new design. Free templates are good, but suppose you want something a little bit special? That's where the professional grade templates come in.

A Word On Copyright

You can use our PowerPoint backgrounds and templates for delivering your presentations to a live audience only. They are not for republication in any other format or on any other platform, such as on websites, for example.